Alchymia is a building and management rogue-like game currently developed by the German indie studio, Pseudoscience Interactive. It's a game about alchemy, adventure and zombies!
Build complex apparatuses, study the effects of strange ingredients, create powerful potions and save your city from an approaching horde of undead!

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!

Alchymia is a turn-based game where you set up shop as an alchemist in a medieval city. You turn procedurally generated ingredients into potions and other consumables, and then turn those into gold thanks to your local merchants and guilds. Your goal is to create a magnum opus - a great alchemical deed that will give you the power to save your hometown from a horde of undead.
In order to practice your arcane arts you need to set up and operate alchemical apparatuses inside your laboratory. They start off quite simple, like attaching a collecting vessel to a juice press, and develop into complex machines made of still heads, reaction vessels and tubes, spanning your entire laboratory and creating multiple powerful substances at once.
Of course, you also need to get your hands on some ingredients for your miracle cures. Only some of them can be bought at your local market. Therefore, as a very busy entrepreneur, you depend on hiring adventurers to find exotic resources in far away locations for you, and you can raise their chances of success by equipping them with the very potions you brewed.

Pseudoscience Interactive

Pseudoscience Interactive is an indie game studio based in Hamburg. In our games, we focus on high replay-ability and game mechanics. We try to logically interweave the latter with our game world and settings, which ensures the player can grasp complex rules intuitively. Furthermore, we strive to incorporate as much of the feedback from our community into our development as possible.
The idea and concept for Alchymia was developed by Julia Reberg. She created a first prototype for the game during the Games Lift Incubator programm in 2020. Afterwards, her and Philipp Okoampah joined to found the development studio Pseudoscience Interactive.
With the help of motivated and talented freelancers we aim to make Alchymia market-ready.